I'm an interaction designer and technologist passionate about prototyping for innovation.After earning degrees in computer science and design, I managed the design consultancy IXDS, co-founded and led the open-source project Fritzing, and participated in many research projects.
I am eager to apply my broad background to your challenges.

Work Experience

Humanizing Technology

Independent Consultant and Instructor

Consulting on UX design & technology innovations for clients like Volkswagen, AUDI, MAN, Deutsche Telekom, in collaboration with studios such as PCH Innovations , strichpunkt design and STURM und DRANG.

Teaching classes and workshops, as well as mentoring (see → Activities).


Design & Engineering Lead

Managing Director

Built up the company and consulted for innovation arms of large corporations like Volkswagen, Deutsche Telekom, Nokia Here, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and agile start-ups like Soundian and yetu.


Project Lead

Co-founded and led the project from research to widely adopted tool, with a worldwide community of over 200,000 users.

FH Potsdam

Research Associate

Led teams in several independent research projects at the Interaction Design Lab with Prof. Reto Wettach

Goldsmiths College London

Research Associate

Collaborated on design-led research project at Interaction Research Studio with Prof. William Gaver

Bauhaus-University Weimar

Research Associate

Collaborated on Fritzing development and teaching at theInterface Design groupof Prof. Jens Geelhaar


M.A. Interaction Design

FH Potsdam

Diplom-Medieninformatiker (FH)

FH Wedel


University of the Arts, Zürich
Guest semester at Interaction Design Department, DAAD stipend
WS 2004

Imperial College, London
Guest semester Mathematics & Computer Science
WS 2000

European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin
Philosophy & Literature Summer School


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Project Direction

Team leadership, client management, product definition, customer involvement, agile project management, design critiques, business validation

Physical Computing

Microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, mbed, Teensy),Internet of Things (, relayr,, pcb layout (Fritzing, Eagle), sensors, actuators, wireless, bus systems

Generative Design

Procedural systems (Processing, openFrameworks, cinder), graphical languages (PureData, vvvv, Max/MSP, NI Reaktor), 3D (Unity, OpenGL, Three.js), VR, audio synthesis, generative systems

Design Methods

Co-creation, cultural probes, brainstorming, bodystorming, observation, immersion, cluster & frameworks, personas & archetypes, card sorting, Wizard-of-Oz-prototyping, workshop facilitation, paper prototyping, storyboards, etc.

Programming Languages

Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, HTML/CSS, Embedded C, C++, et al.


Web Frontend/Backend, Desktop, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded, Internet of Things

Spoken Languages

German, English, French, Dutch


ACM SIGCHI, IXDA, GI Working Group Tangible Interactions