Prototyping 3D interactive products

GE is venturing into the world of "Industry 4.0". As part of their GE garages world tour, they asked us to introduce people to latest rapid prototyping techniques. 


Together with Stefan Hermann, we conducted a full-day workshop series that fused prototyping of interactive electronics with that of 3d objects (via 3d printers, laser cutters and cnc milling).

1. Introduction to Interactive Electronics with Arduino & Fritzing

Get a hands-on kick-start into electronics from the makers of Fritzing. In only two hours, you will learn all the basics of working with the Arduino microcontroller.

We will use simple code to let lights blink and things move.

2. Make Your Environment Interactive with Sensors and Motors

Equipped with basic skills from the introduction, you will now learn how to sense the physical world. We will use light, temperature and distance sensors, and react to it by controlling lights, sound, and motors.

3. Project: Combining 3D Printing & Electronics

In this experimental workshop, we will look at ways to combine both rapid prototyping technologies to build “complete” products. In cooperation with FabLab Berlin, we will print a custom 3D enclosure for a custom piece of electronics.